Getting Started

What is the meaning of discomfort food?
When some people get stressed, worried or frustrated with life, they turn to food for comfort. When we start to have children, we parent like we were parented. It is easy to fall back on what you know, or do what others are doing. Our life is busy, but is it meaningful? Discomfort food refers to the questions or ideas that challenge the way we live. How can we nourish, not only the body, but also the mind and soul?

What is the point of all this? 
I hope to create indigestion. Growing up in today's changing culture is scary. In our ever changing society, parenting has become a challenging task. After fourteen years in public education, I answered a call to ministry reaching children, youth and families. Spiritual leadership doesn't just happen; it takes prayer and work. There is a need to challenge and agitate people into a dissatisfaction with the status quo in raising kids. Can a partnership between families and the intergenerational faith community help us take groud with our children and youth? While the world looks for hope in new medical treatment and education, is there truth in this ancient way? Hungry to learn more?